Ad/Graph Thesis – Reaching Out

Last week, I shared what my big idea was. Almost everyone I've talked with seems to enjoy the idea, and I've continued to dive into the topic.

I recently set up a survey that gauges people's stances on space in general and poses the big question: What would you send into space and why? The survey can be taken here, and I've already received some very interesting answers. Here a few of my favorites:

  • "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire, because I believe it to be the happiest song ever recorded."
  • "If I could send out a camera that would never lose its charge and record whatever it finds and transmits it back, that'd be cool. Or a Nickelback CD so we're sure alien life never visits us."
  • "A bottle of wine, because we all know it gets better with age. By the time it reaches anything able to consume it, that will be one expensive bottle."
  • "A seed of any sort, with directions on what it needs to grow and survive. If something was out there that was able to understand how to make the seed grow then we would more likely than not start a new species of plant somewhere and change everything about that somewhere."
  • "A box set of The X-Files... Milder deserves to know the truth. Or Liam Payne of One Direction, because he's my least favorite."

"September" by Earth, Wind & Fire.
© 2012 Sony Music Entertainment.

A box set of  The X-Files . Photo Credit: Amazon.

A box set of The X-Files. Photo Credit: Amazon.

Photo Credit: Wine Tours of the World.

Photo Credit: Wine Tours of the World.

Photo Credit: AllThingsD.

Photo Credit: AllThingsD.

I also stumbled across Earth Tapestry, which is a nonprofit that uses the internet to democratically determine the cultural significance of different landmarks and locations. They also have plans to preserve this information on the Moon in the form of a laser-engraved sapphire disk. This particular project is being coordinated in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University. Best of all, William Alba, the founder and director of the project has an email listed, so I recently reached out to him. If all goes well, he could a great resource for this project.

The Metasphere Chamber that will securely house the Earth Tapestry data on the moon. Photo Credit: Earth Tapestry

The Metasphere Chamber that will securely house the Earth Tapestry data on the moon.
Photo Credit: Earth Tapestry

I was also recommended this article, which does an excellent job weighing the pros and cons of actively sending messages into space.

By my next blog post, I'll have submitted my official thesis proposal, and hopefully hear back from a few professionals in their respective fields.

This month has been particular busy, considering I've had to juggle my thesis, a One Show entry, a pretty ambitious music video, Directions, and a few other miscellaneous things. When this current week wraps up, I'll have a lot more time to dedicate to this!

Big Brand Project – Research and Observations

Last week, I explained that after doing some initial logo exploration, I'd conduct more research in the form of focus groups and surveys.

I'm thrilled to say that I've conducted 3 focus groups totaling 10 individuals, as well as a 10-question survey with almost 50 responses. I think everything went very well.

The focus groups I conducted were primarily comprised of discussions of different candies, but the real knowledge came from a projection technique that we used to help personify these brands. Here's a small compilation of their thoughts on Swedish Fish in particular:

I've also found images of individuals that closely represent these various candies, based on the descriptions my focus groups gave me:

I then proceeded to create a 10-question survey that brought in almost 50 responses. In looking through the results, I learned quite a few things. For example, people are heavily influenced from their childhoods, their tastes can vary dramatically, and candy can be a means of making them feel more youthful. Here are a few slides that illustrate some of my findings:

Originally, I wanted to target a younger, 20-35 year old demographic by using nostalgia as a key factor in my strategy. However, upon further discussion with the class, I think I'll be taking a slightly different approach, which would tap into a quirky, more exotic personality.

Within this next week, I'll continue to explore my logo concepts, possibly conduct more research, and craft a solid strategy that can inform the directions of my deliverables.