Big Brand Project – More Logos, Strategy, and Inspiration

Last week, I explained that I'd continue to work on my logo ideas and polish my strategy.

Here are logo variations that I've explored more deeply since then:

As for my strategy, I've pieced together the following:

"Create a new, lively campaign and brand personality for Swedish Fish that conveys exoticness and spontaneity, and celebrates those that search for it. Additionally, all visual assets and packaging should be updated to fit this new look."

I feel much better about this approach. Expanding upon it, I've drafted up a few quick concepts:

1. "Against the Flow" – Swedish Fish is an unorthodox candy for equally unorthodox people. Wild and colorful imagery will most likely be used.

2. "A Little Sweeten" – Swedish Fish is a candy that can take people away from the mundane and present them with a "place" that's almost otherworldly. Wild and colorful imagery will most likely be used.

* I will more than likely continue to think through these concepts and make minute adjustments as I continue with this project.

I've also begun searching for inspiration, focusing largely on bright colors, graphic illustrations, collage, and possibly small instances of photography. When combined together in a careful manner, these elements might accurately capture the hodgepodge of eccentricities that the rebrand requires. Here are some images that I've collected:

By next week, I'll be making strides in producing some of my deliverables. Things are certainly picking up.

Big Brand Project – Research and Observations

Last week, I explained that after doing some initial logo exploration, I'd conduct more research in the form of focus groups and surveys.

I'm thrilled to say that I've conducted 3 focus groups totaling 10 individuals, as well as a 10-question survey with almost 50 responses. I think everything went very well.

The focus groups I conducted were primarily comprised of discussions of different candies, but the real knowledge came from a projection technique that we used to help personify these brands. Here's a small compilation of their thoughts on Swedish Fish in particular:

I've also found images of individuals that closely represent these various candies, based on the descriptions my focus groups gave me:

I then proceeded to create a 10-question survey that brought in almost 50 responses. In looking through the results, I learned quite a few things. For example, people are heavily influenced from their childhoods, their tastes can vary dramatically, and candy can be a means of making them feel more youthful. Here are a few slides that illustrate some of my findings:

Originally, I wanted to target a younger, 20-35 year old demographic by using nostalgia as a key factor in my strategy. However, upon further discussion with the class, I think I'll be taking a slightly different approach, which would tap into a quirky, more exotic personality.

Within this next week, I'll continue to explore my logo concepts, possibly conduct more research, and craft a solid strategy that can inform the directions of my deliverables.

Causes I Care About Campaign – Research and Strategy

Last week, I explained a few of the causes that I was considering for this project, with my top pick being Franklinton Gardens. Although much has happened recently, I'll keep these developments somewhat brief:

Description and Problems

Franklinton Gardens is a local nonprofit that operates a network of community gardens. With the support of donations and volunteers, they grow fresh, organic produce in an area that's devoid of access to such food. The vegetables are then sold on-site and at farmers' markets, or donated to food pantries. In short, their work includes growing healthy food, renewing urban spaces, and promoting an interest in gardening/community involvement.

Although the organization has continued to grow, few people outside of Franklinton know about their work, prompting a need for greater awareness and engagement. There's also a slightly negative perception of Franklinton as a community, so placing greater emphasis on programs like this is crucial.

Target and Strategy

I plan on targeting middle-class individuals that fall under the "reformer" archetype. These people live within the Columbus limits, support local establishments, participate in city events, and search for new ways to be closer to their community. By appealing to their sense of collective "ownership" of the city they admire, I hope to demonstrate that a garden can do so much more than simply grow vegetables; it can strengthen a community, make everything feel a little closer to home, and renew urban spaces. Here are my 3 strategies:

1 – “Local In Every Way”

The cause is local in every sense: the gardens, the volunteers, the produce that’s grown, and the beneficiaries (including the targets themselves).

2 – “More Than Produce”
The community gardens don’t just grow vegetables; they promote healthy, sustainable living, renew neglected urban spaces, and bring people closer together.

3 – “No Green Thumb Required”
Not everyone may be a professional gardener, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn or donate.

Visual Inspiration and Sketches

Within this strategy, I intend to explore several visual concepts:

1 – An approach that places emphasis on the human elements behind the cause. A pleasant, more subdued with more earthy colors and handmade lettering and illustrations that emphasize the hands that go into the gardens, as well as the organic produce that comes as a result. These would all serve as accents to the photography/video in the campaign. Stylistically, this is probably the most "down-to-earth" tactic:



2 – A series that utilize textured, graphic illustrations of produce, gardening tools, hands, and faces, striking a balance between the hands-on aspect of the cause and the contemporary appeal towards the target demographic in question. Unlike the first campaign idea, these illustrations would serve as the dominant visuals, with any photography/video serving as a secondary element. This direction might be the most lighthearted and playful of the three:



3 – A bold, colorful, and more contemporary campaign that reinforces the local, approachable nature of the organization, coupled with photography and video. Illustration is almost nonexistent here, with real-world footage doing most of the "talking." This concept would arguably have the slickest, most professional look:



Visiting the Gardens

I also took the opportunity to visit the gardens a few days ago, giving me the chance to speak with a few volunteers. When I asked them about their experiences, they were quick to mention the amount of knowledge gained and camaraderie formed from working in the gardens, Apparently, the gardens have received such strong support from the community that many neighbors have been inspired to start gardens of their very own, a trend that excites the volunteers. As far as improvements go, the cause has been meaning to work on promoting its mission through more than simply word-of-mouth, which is exactly what this project is intended to do.

Moving Forward

Simply put, hearing from people with firsthand experience was incredibly helpful, and they've given me a handful of upcoming events that could be great photography/filming opportunities. I've pulled inspiration and will soon sketch out several concepts. By next week, I should begin producing content for the different deliverables, such as photography, illustrations, and storyboards.