New Heroes Presentation – Emails and Posters

Last week, I explained that I had made contact with Philipp Dettmer of Kurzgesagt, and planned on securing an interview time by this week. Sadly, he hasn't responded to the emails I've sent out, which has prompted me to contact Patrick Moore, one of other designers I had considered. After emailing him, I received an enthusiastic reply a mere hour later, so I have a hero after all! I'll be talking with him Wednesday evening.

In light of this development, I've pieced together a poster for the presentation (assuming he is interested in talking with me). As you can probably guess, I was largely inspired by his poster work for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams:

Contacting busy designers has certainly had its challenges, but I'm glad that Patrick Moore responded so quickly. Within next week, I hope to have learned a great deal from this interview.