Causes I Care About Campaign – Selecting Causes

This past week, I was assigned the "Causes You Care About Campaign" project. As the name suggests, I'll be creating a series of ads and other deliverables that promote an organization that piques my interest.

In this first step, I've been tasked with finding and researching causes that sound appealing to me. Here are some of the ones that stood out to me:






Franklinton Gardens

This nonprofit is a small network of community gardens located on the west side of Columbus. Their cause grows healthy foods for food pantries, holds educational gardening programs, and offers volunteer opportunities for passionate members in the area.




The Foundation for Sight & Sound

This nonprofit from New York uses donations to fund projects that help those with vision and/or hearing impairments. Some projects have included providing hearing aids to low-income family members and installing magnified computer screens in libraries.




Soil and Water Conservation Society

This organization promotes conservation behaviors, educational programs, and policies. It operates on a global, national, state, local, and collegiate level, and it utilizes the talents and opinions of researchers, policymakers, advisors, educators, farmers, and students.





Community Kitchen Inc.

This local nonprofit is responsible for providing less-fortunate individuals and families with nutritious meals. They run entirely through monetary donations, contributions from food banks, and volunteers. In 2012, the organization served over 94,000 meals.

Upon further consideration, I believe I'm gravitating towards Franklinton Gardens, and for several reasons: (1) I've always loved the concept of community gardens, (2) the organization is close by (allowing for plenty of photography and filming), and (3) it could be a great live client opportunity. Within this next week, I'll piece together a creative brief and a few strategies. Contacting representatives of the organization will likely happen, as well.