Big Brand Project – Creating the Visuals

Last week, I explained that I wanted to begin working on visuals for the different deliverables. As mentioned previously, I'll be utilizing colorful vectors, handmade textures, and the occasional photo to represent the eclectic and eccentric brand personality of Swedish Fish. Each ad will also celebrate a different moment of weirdness, be it collecting hats, applying for clown school, owning a strange pet, etc. I'm also trying to ditch the conventional "Headline, body copy, and logo-in-the-bottom-right-corner" layout, which I believe doesn't fit the unorthodox nature of this rebrand.


I've also been working to make progress on my logo concepts. I'm not entirely sold on what I have so far, but I'll continue to make adjustments as more of the visuals come together. Vectoring them out certainly helps, though.

I'm already starting to feel much better about this project, now that I have visuals to pair with my concept. Next week, I plan to make substantial progress on my ads and applications.

My First Post

I've finally pieced together my website and blog. It's taken me some time to set it up, but now I can check this task off the list. The cleanliness and ease-of-use that Squarespace seems to offer reminds me of my experience with WordPress from a while back, but I imagine that this will serve me better. If nothing else, I'm glad I've snagged my domain name. I don't have this site exactly where I want it from a visual perspective, but I'll get there in time; this is a learning process, after all. More posts will soon follow, particularly with regard to a presentation project that I've just begun for my Applied Design class. I'll be conducting research and an interview with a designer in whom I'm interested, and I have a few ideas...