Big Brand Project – More and More Deliverables

Like I mentioned last week, my goal was to make substantial progress on my deliverables, especially the tangible aspects of the project. I've worked on more the print ads and business cards a little more (incorporating better photography), as well as creating some of the stationary and packaging, too. Here's some more stuff:

This is a  really  quick mockup, and I'm not totally committed to the layout yet. I'll also have one or two other SKUs.

This is a really quick mockup, and I'm not totally committed to the layout yet. I'll also have one or two other SKUs.

With only about a week left in the project, it's a mad dash to the finish. By next week, I hope to have as many deliverables ready as I can.

Big Brand Project – Creating the Visuals

Last week, I explained that I wanted to begin working on visuals for the different deliverables. As mentioned previously, I'll be utilizing colorful vectors, handmade textures, and the occasional photo to represent the eclectic and eccentric brand personality of Swedish Fish. Each ad will also celebrate a different moment of weirdness, be it collecting hats, applying for clown school, owning a strange pet, etc. I'm also trying to ditch the conventional "Headline, body copy, and logo-in-the-bottom-right-corner" layout, which I believe doesn't fit the unorthodox nature of this rebrand.


I've also been working to make progress on my logo concepts. I'm not entirely sold on what I have so far, but I'll continue to make adjustments as more of the visuals come together. Vectoring them out certainly helps, though.

I'm already starting to feel much better about this project, now that I have visuals to pair with my concept. Next week, I plan to make substantial progress on my ads and applications.

Causes I Care About Campaign – Beginning The Deliverables

Last week, I shared some of my strategies, visual inspiration, and sketches with my class, receiving some constructive feedback in the process. I learned that my first strategy, "Local In Every Way," seemed to resonate with them the most, and they seemed to prefer the second visual approach, which combines graphic, textured graphic shapes that complement any photography/video and supporting copy.

As mentioned in the previous post, I've begun developing the various components for the campaign, starting with the copy and imagery for the print ads. I'm not entirely set on these just yet, but I'll have a clearer visual direction after acquiring my own photography and video.


I've also been sketching out boards for the video spot, and I'm strongly considering the possibility of including some interviews. In their very nature, interviews can be unpredictable, so some of the sketches are rough guidelines that can be manipulated and rearranged depending on the answers participants give me.


Within the next week, I'll have taken photos/video, experimented with MaKey Makey, and begun piecing together the print ads and video spot.