Ad/Graph Thesis – Materials

Last week, I said that I'd get my plans together and begin the next step in this project. Since then, there have been a few big developments.

Firstly, I'm making headway on the materials and construction front. I've talked with an Industrial Design major, and it sounds like the CNC machine and laser cutter should be able to handle the 30-degree angles I need to cut to create a hexagonal structure. Additionally, I've acquired most of the wood and Masonite I plan to use.

It's also worth noting that I've received my light-sensitive sound modules in the mail. It took some time to get one of the devices to work, but it's working nonetheless. My only complaint is that the speakers aren't incredibly loud, but I might be able to boost the sound with some more experimentation.

I also had the opportunity to Skype with the director of Earth Tapestry. He said that one of the biggest flaws with the Voyager Golden Record was that all of the graphics and information are placed together in a chaotic fashion, rather than in a controlled, easy-to-understand sequence. That's something that I hope to address with this project.

Lastly, I've officially applied for the show, detailing everything from measurements to requests. Although the designs haven't differed much from last week, I'll post them again. Note the addition of a lazy Susan, varied shelf depths, and a slot for an iPad Mini to be included behind one of the doors.

Over the course of this next week, I hope to begin cutting the pieces, sourcing some of the media that will be behind the doors, and possibly creating some of the project's branding elements. Things are getting busy.