New Heroes Presentation – Selecting Designers

During the first week of Applied Design, I've been tasked with searching for a few designers that I would consider interviewing for our New Heroes Presentation. I'll be the eighth student to present, giving me more than a few weeks to get my work together. At any rate, I'd like to put a great deal of thought into whichever up-and-coming individual I choose.


One of the first designers to come to mind was Philipp Dettmer, one of the minds behind Kurzgesagt, a team from Munich that creates delightful motion graphics pieces on scientific and historical topics:


I'm also considering Graham Erwin, a Columbus-based designer and illustrator who produces a variety of great illustrations that have a very graphic aesthetic. He's also had a great relationship with CCAD, having visited the campus on several occasions. His posters for officially licensed properties have been especially popular:



    A third person in whom I'm interested is Patrick Moore, a graduate from CCAD and graphic designer for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. He spoke last spring on-campus as a part of a presentation from several alumni with Graphic Design and Illustration majors, and I found his insights and body of work to be very intriguing:

    Once I decide upon a favorite or two, I'll begin contacting them. Some will be decidedly harder to reach than others, and there's no guarantee that all of them will be able or interested in interviewing. In about a week, though, I should probably have a clear choice.