Big Brand Project – Research and Observations

Last week, I explained that after doing some initial logo exploration, I'd conduct more research in the form of focus groups and surveys.

I'm thrilled to say that I've conducted 3 focus groups totaling 10 individuals, as well as a 10-question survey with almost 50 responses. I think everything went very well.

The focus groups I conducted were primarily comprised of discussions of different candies, but the real knowledge came from a projection technique that we used to help personify these brands. Here's a small compilation of their thoughts on Swedish Fish in particular:

I've also found images of individuals that closely represent these various candies, based on the descriptions my focus groups gave me:

I then proceeded to create a 10-question survey that brought in almost 50 responses. In looking through the results, I learned quite a few things. For example, people are heavily influenced from their childhoods, their tastes can vary dramatically, and candy can be a means of making them feel more youthful. Here are a few slides that illustrate some of my findings:

Originally, I wanted to target a younger, 20-35 year old demographic by using nostalgia as a key factor in my strategy. However, upon further discussion with the class, I think I'll be taking a slightly different approach, which would tap into a quirky, more exotic personality.

Within this next week, I'll continue to explore my logo concepts, possibly conduct more research, and craft a solid strategy that can inform the directions of my deliverables.