Big Brand Project – More Logos, Strategy, and Inspiration

Last week, I explained that I'd continue to work on my logo ideas and polish my strategy.

Here are logo variations that I've explored more deeply since then:

As for my strategy, I've pieced together the following:

"Create a new, lively campaign and brand personality for Swedish Fish that conveys exoticness and spontaneity, and celebrates those that search for it. Additionally, all visual assets and packaging should be updated to fit this new look."

I feel much better about this approach. Expanding upon it, I've drafted up a few quick concepts:

1. "Against the Flow" – Swedish Fish is an unorthodox candy for equally unorthodox people. Wild and colorful imagery will most likely be used.

2. "A Little Sweeten" – Swedish Fish is a candy that can take people away from the mundane and present them with a "place" that's almost otherworldly. Wild and colorful imagery will most likely be used.

* I will more than likely continue to think through these concepts and make minute adjustments as I continue with this project.

I've also begun searching for inspiration, focusing largely on bright colors, graphic illustrations, collage, and possibly small instances of photography. When combined together in a careful manner, these elements might accurately capture the hodgepodge of eccentricities that the rebrand requires. Here are some images that I've collected:

By next week, I'll be making strides in producing some of my deliverables. Things are certainly picking up.